About Us

Our Mission:
With more and more shortage of the energy, many countries pay attention to the green & clean energy. So it becomes a very big market on the power saver,energy saver,electricity saving box and solar pump inverter. But there’s many low quality products in the markets, especially for the energy saver market. With the mission of providing the higher quality & more stable electricity saving box.Jumbo makes great effort to produce the Innovation and Intelligent products, we had been in field of electricity saving products and solar pump products years, we have rich and successful experience, and we are doing our best to supply the most stable and efficient green products to our customers.
Our Team:
Focusing on green energy, high technology, we are developing fast year by year. Now we have 50 trained and professional members from SMT, assembly to test,we make great effort on every product, and willing to provide the best quality, best price and best service to our clients.
Our Culture:
Be honesty on business;Be together walk farther;Be diligent in creating; Be the best power saver,energy saver,electricity saving box & solar pump inverter manufacturer,four “BEs” will guide Jumbo Power Technology Co.,LTD to build up the reliable business relationship with our customers, to work together always in team spirit and service better for our clients, to create more value for our environment and our world, to produce high quality energy saver and solar pump controller, and be sure of the safety usage and energy saving.
Go for Green Life with Jumbo energy saver, we’re always with you.

Jumbo Energy Technology Co.,LTD 深圳市众远优能科技有限公司