Product Details
Jumbo-PSD power saver demo kit

General Parameters of power saver demo kit
Working Temperature:-40° to +70°
IP Level:IP43
Panel Designed:Flight case
Loading Rate:200Amp
LCD Display:Power Factor/Current/Voltage/Saving Percentage Of Amp
LED Display:Compensation Working Status
Software:Micro Intelligent Inspection&Compensation
Power Compensation Status:64Kinds
Size:580mm x400mm x280mm
Amp Saving Rate:10% to 40%
Input Voltage: Single Phase/AC/90V-265V/50HZ/60HZ
Suitable Working Range In Amp: According To The Demo Power Saver Inside
Color: Black Flight Case
Gross Weight: 25KG
Advantages of energy saver kit:

1.Easy operation
2.Easy demonstration for customers
3.Easy for transportation,with wheels and hanging
4.Easy understanding for customers
5.Easy wire connection