Product Details
Smart 3 Phase C20 Power Saver

General Parameters of Jumbo auto power saver:

Working Temperature:-40° to +70°
IP Level:IP43
Panel Designed:Stainless Steel
LCD Display:Power Factor/Current/Voltage/Saving Percentage Of Amp
LED Display:Compensation Working Status
Software:Micro Intelligent Inspection&Compensation
Power Compensation Status:64Kinds
Control Method:RTOS Embedded
Controller:High-Tech Software Controlled
Related Technology:VFD/PID Controlling
CT Outside:Choice from customer
Amp Saving Rate:10% to 40%

Input Voltage:Three Phase/AC/155V-450V/50HZ/60HZ

Suitable Working Range In Amp:13Amp-40Amp


Gross Weight:12-15KG

Advantages of Jumbo 3 phase power saver

1.Automatically  monitor the load by current sensor
2.Intelligent compensation according to the needs of the electricity system
3.Exclusive smart software
4.LCD display to show the U/I/PF/S
5.Over current/voltage/temperature  protection mode
6.CT installation without needing any  orientation

Suitable for: such as shops, hotels, hospital, school, restaurant, bank, farm, factory. Otherwise, it is also can be applied for industry for inductive loads such as sewing machine, motors, pumps, rolling machine, cutting machine.

Wiring diagram of smart electricity saver:

Installation instruction of 3 phase power bill saving:
1.Switch the breaker “a” and”b” “off”, then connect the live wires ,neutral wire, earth wire
after the breaker ”b”.
2.Please turn the breaker ”a” and “b” “on”, switch the power saver “on”, then check whether the LCD displaying is lighting and showing the U/I/S correctly. Then check whether the first LED lamp is lighting? If yes, means the “power in” is normal.
3. If all the data is displaying right, then please turn the breaker “a”,”b” and the power saver off.
4.Then insert the CTs well according to the diagram. It must be hanged before the main breaker”a”
5.After connection of CTs,please turn on all the breaker and switcher. Let the power saver start working.