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What is the power factor of green power saver?
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We’ve heard a lot about the power factor. What exactly is it?

To understand the power factor of power bill reducer, we first start with the definition of some basic terms: 

1. KW is Working Power (also called Actual Power or Active Power or Real Power).It is the power that actually powers the equipment and performs useful work.

2. KVAR is Reactive Power. It is the power that magnetic equipment (transformer, motor and relay) needs to produce the magnetizing flux.

3. KVA is Apparent Power. It is the “vectorial summation” of KVAR and KW.
So, now we are ready to learn about power factor: Power Factor (P.F.) is the ratio of Working Power to Apparent Power ,PF = KW/KVA=KW/(KW+KVAR) Therefore, the power factor refers to the ratio of active power to apparent power in the electricity system, if the energy saving 3 phase closer to 1, it means that the active power is large, and the higher energy efficiency, if the power factor is less than 1 , it means that the energy lossing is large, energy utilization rate is low, and the large part of the loss is the reactive power consumption.

Well, now do you know what the power factor? Jumbo intelligent energy  saver  can improve the power factor to 0.9-0.98. So, if you improve the power factor, you can use the energy more efficiently. In other words, you can save your energy. If you have other question, Please visit our website; www.jumbopowersaver.com./深圳市众远优能科技有限公司