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Difference of intelligent & non-intelligent power saver
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 As we all know, our non-intelligent power saver device is popular by clients because of good performance and high quality. But as our lives more and more intelligent, the power saver also must be intelligent.

Good news! Our company launch new model: Intelligent 110V power saving box
Now let me introduce the difference between intelligent and non-intelligent model:
1.    Add the high quality component
  Such as CT, Electronic chip, Intelligent control integrated circuit boards, LCD
2.    Smart software
New Information processing program and Intelligent Control Program.

Besides, what are new functions of electronic saving box?
First, real-time collect the data of amps by the CT from circuitry, then delivery the data to the information processing module, select the appropriate reactive power compensation mode by chip ,to avoid over-compensation and low-compensation case. Second, display the data on the LCD, such as voltage, amps, power factor, energy-saving rate, allow customers more intuitive to see the circuit data and energy-saving effect. Jumbo Power saver device operates automatically, compensates intelligently and timely, improves the energy efficiency and power factor, maximizes saving your electric energy.

Now, do you know the details about our intelligent cheap power saver? If you have other questions you can visit our company website:www.jumbopowersaver.com./