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What is the over-voltage/current protection for energy saver
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Overvoltage protection refers to when the wire voltage exceeds a predetermined maximum amount, the power supply will be disconnected or  the decreasing of the voltage will be controlled. Generally, wire and electrical equipment have a certain voltage carrying capacity, when the real voltage is more than the carrying capacity,which is called over-voltage, will result in the  reducing of wire insulation level,aging quickly, and even breakdown or burned. Jumbo digital energy saver comes with over-voltage protection circuit, when the wire voltage is too high, energy saver will stop work immediately, disconnect the power supply of the equipment and circuit. So you do not need to worry about the Jumbo 3 phase power saving box overvoltage problems.

Usually, electronic devices have a rated current,if the real current exceeds the rated current, it may burn out the equipments. When the current exceeds the set current, the device will automatically shut off to protect the equipment. Such as motherboards generally have USB overcurrent protection chip, which to protect the motherboard will not be burned. Jumbo device electricity saving  have been installed the USB overcurrent protection chip to protect itself.

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